Most frequent questions and answers

Screen printing is a technique that can be used to create prints on textiles, paper, and other surfaces. It involves using a stencil to block off certain areas of a screen with ink, and then passing the screen over the material to be printed. The result is an image with high contrast and vivid colors. Screen printing is often used for making T-shirts, posters, and other promotional materials.

  • Screen Printing: 12
  • Embroidery: 1
  • Signs: 1
  • Banners: 1
  • Digital & Offset Printing: most is 250
  • Promo items: varies based on product

Accepted file types:

  • Vector: .ai .eps .pdf
  • Raster: .psd .jpg .png .gif

please note that all raster artwork must be created to size with a resolution of at least 150, a resolution of 300 is preferred.

  • Screen Printing: 10 working day (Rush: 5 working days)
  • Embroidery: 10 working days (Rush: 5 working days)
  • Signs: 5 working days
  • Banners: 5 working days
  • Digital & Offset Printing: 5 working days
  • Promo & Merch: 5-25 days, depending on the product

Please note that these production times start when artwork is received and approved.


The availability of rush services is dependent on our current production schedule, and may change from day to day. Call 281-421-8383 so we can get you what you need!

Screen Printing & Embroidery: 50% upcharge for 5-day Rush

Plastisol is the most commonly used type of textile ink, and is made from plastic. It is durable and does not require special care. It can provide bright colors on any colored fabric, and is the most versatile of all inks.

Water-based ink, on the other hand, uses water and dye to create a thin layer of color on fabric. It is much softer to the touch, making it more comfortable to wear. But it requires more care during the printing process, and is not as bright (or opaque) as Plastisol ink.

Each type of ink has its own advantages and disadvantages, so it’s important to choose the right one for your application.


We do charge a fee for graphic design, but we can create anything you need.

That’s a loaded question.

The short answer is, that completely depends on your project, and what you’re trying to accomplish.

Contact one of our crew members so we can help you figure it out!

We can print just about any color you want, within reason.

We have a standard set of colors we use, which can be found here.

But we can also mix ink colors to pretty much any color you want. If you have a specific color, PMS, pantone we need to match, we can do it!