Our Story

Kona Print hit the ground running in 2003 when the company’s founder Jeff Singletary, a triathlete and avid surfer broke away from his family’s business to forge a legacy of his own. The name came naturally since Jeff wanted his company’s culture to embody the vibe of the islands, the “get the job done, but have a blast doing it.” feel, all while not taking ourselves too seriously.

Our small team grew through humble beginnings in a tiny office space just outside of Houston. We leveraged our knowledge and experience of the paper industry to quickly carve up the local market by providing some of the finest forms and marketing materials on good ol’ paper to hit small businesses, non-profits, and local schools in the bay area. (We like to think the Dunder Mifflin crew would be proud.)

As our client list grew, so did we. We quickly added embroidered merch and screen printed apparel to our arsenal of products. And after pulling ink through screens by hand for years on a manual press, we joined forces with Gorilla Sportswear, a local automatic screen printing company, in order to up our apparel game.

Fast forward to 2014, we knew we needed more space, and so, we bet on ourselves and grabbed a 12,000 square foot facility.

After months of our crew working long, long days  to produce fresh merch for our clients, we finally had the ability to expand our operation and get new equipment, like one of the largest t-shirt machines in the United States! That means no job is too big for our crew. Just ask the MLB Players Association, since they hit us up to print the Houston Astros  2017 World Series shirts. And we knocked it out of the park, so to speak.

Street cred aside, more importantly, our new space allowed us to become more eco-friendly by utilizing water-based inks in our apparel production, instead of relying only on plastic-based ink.  It also empowered our team to flex their creative muscles and have fun experimenting with new print methods and products crafted just for you.

Let us help you take your business or event to the next level with killer custom merchandise that will get your brand noticed.